September 21, 2023

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DNA Test for Paternity

If you are a father and are not sure if you are really the father, this can be very annoying. Especially if the mother of the child cannot say for sure that you are the father. This can cause many problems in the relationship with the mother, but of course also with the relationship of your own child. Nowadays, there is a solution for this, and you can perform DNA testing for paternity at home. Many people think that this can only be done in a clinic with the help of experts, but nothing could be further from the truth. With DNA testing for paternity, you know in most situations immediately whether you are the father, or not. But how does it work exactly? In this article, we’ll go into this in detail, so you can find out all about it.

Two different paternity tests

With various paternity tests, there is often a choice of two different tests. You can choose either a peace of mind test or a legal paternity test. The peace of mind test is for your peace of mind and is there to reassure you. The legally valid version also reassures you, but you can also use it in legal proceedings. For example, you may use it in divorce, custody, alimony, and probate proceedings.

In the peace of mind test, you take the DNA material yourself using a cotton swab. You scrape this back and forth through the inside of the cheek until you have collected enough saliva. You then put the swab in an envelope and send it to a laboratory. Here, an examination is done, and it is checked to see if the father’s DNA matches the child.

In the legal paternity test, the DNA material must be taken by an independent third person. So you really shouldn’t do it yourself and only a third person, such as a family doctor or a nurse. The independent person must follow a procedure when taking it so that the judge can assume that the DNA samples are from the right person.

DNA testing

In general, DNA testing has come pretty far, and you can test for all sorts of things. You can do a paternity test, but you can also do other types of DNA testing. For example, you can find out the gender of your child in pregnancy. But you can also check if you are fertile. DNA testing is quite a trend these days, and you often see it passed in YouTube videos.