October 4, 2023

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I am a dentist – stay clear of these faults when brushing your tooth

Cleansing your tooth is such a established routine in our day-to-working day routines that you almost certainly do not even feel about it.

But you could be earning uncomplicated-to-fix issues that undermine the day by day ritual which your oral health and fitness mostly relies on.

These consist of not spending notice to your tongue, as perfectly as trying to keep an old brush all-around for far too prolonged.

Payal Bhalla, Guide Dentist and Scientific Director of Quest Dental in Ipswich, Suffolk, has now revealed some unforeseen blunders you could be responsible of – like brushing in the identical sample every time.

Speaking to FEMAIL, she explained the 5 various faults you could be producing – and how every single could in the end guide to teeth reduction. 

Payal Bhalla, Lead Dentist and Clinical Director of Quest Dental in Ipswich, Suffolk, has now revealed some unpredicted blunders you could be guilty of – like brushing in the exact same pattern each individual time (inventory graphic)  


‘I usually advise brushing for a minimum amount of two minutes, 2 times a working day,’ Payal explained.

‘This length is crucial mainly because it enables sufficient time to totally clean all surfaces of your teeth, together with tricky-to-arrive at parts.’

She claimed that splitting the two minutes evenly among the upper and reduce teeth is key, ‘as well as concentrating on the entrance, back, and chewing surfaces’ to be certain detailed cleaning.

The dentist also advises utilizing a ‘gentle round motion’ to reach all parts, which involves the gumline. 

This helps to take away plaque, meals particles and micro organism.

Payal discussed: ‘Two minutes is a standard guideline, and some people today might require additional or significantly less time relying on their unique oral wellness requires.’

‘Insufficient brushing time can leave behind unsafe substances, growing the possibility of tooth decay, gum disorder, and terrible breath.

‘Moreover, the proposed duration allows the fluoride in toothpaste to have sufficient get in touch with with your enamel, promoting remineralisation and strengthening of the enamel.’

2. Ignoring THE TONGUE 

Payal revealed that it is ‘crucial’ to in no way dismiss the tongue when brushing our enamel. 

‘The tongue is a haven for microbes, foods particles, and dead cells, making it a probable breeding ground for lousy breath and oral wellness difficulties,’ she included.

‘Neglecting the tongue for the duration of oral cleanliness routines can allow for these destructive substances to accumulate, top to an unpleasant odor and an amplified hazard of dental challenges.’

This could add to plaque formation, tooth decay and even gum ailment. 

And if you really don’t get care of your tongue, all your excellent tooth-brushing may well have been for absolutely nothing as you are leaving powering a ‘significant source of oral bacteria’.

‘Including tongue cleaning as element of your oral cleanliness schedule by carefully brushing or making use of a tongue scraper assists to get rid of the buildup of germs, market new breath, and add to general oral well being and hygiene,’ Payal recommended.


The dental qualified states that brushing much too challenging can have ‘negative consequences’ – even if it may possibly experience like you happen to be placing extra work in.

‘When you brush your tooth vigorously or use extreme power, it can lead to injury to your gums and tooth enamel,’ Payal warned.

‘The enamel is the protecting outer layer of your enamel, and if it wears away, it can lead to tooth sensitivity, cavities, and an increased hazard of tooth decay.’

Being aggressive with your system could also irritate and problems your gums. 

‘Additionally, brushing way too tricky does not always necessarily mean you are cleansing your teeth more successfully,’ Payal explained.

‘Using a light and round motion with a soft-bristled toothbrush is encouraged to correctly take out plaque and meals particles devoid of harming your teeth or gums. 

‘It’s essential to strike the right stability by brushing your teeth comprehensively but carefully to keep best oral health.’

4. NOT Changing YOUR BRUSH Usually Adequate  

‘Regularly shifting your toothbrush is very important for retaining great oral cleanliness and avoiding opportunity hazards,’ the dental professional warned.

‘Failing to do so can direct to a number of threats. More than time, toothbrush bristles develop into frayed and much less productive at eradicating plaque and food items particles from your enamel and gums.’

This could consequence in microorganisms accumulation, enhanced chance of tooth decay, gum illness and poor breath.

‘Additionally, an old toothbrush may perhaps harbor unsafe micro organism and pathogens, posing a threat of infection or ailment,’ she stated.

‘It is advised to swap your toothbrush each and every a few to 4 months or sooner if the bristles turn into worn, making certain ideal oral wellbeing and reducing opportunity hazards.’


Employing the exact same pattern day-to-day could signify you happen to be missing covering important areas on a day by day basis, Payal defined. 

‘When brushing your enamel, there are some essential motions and patterns that the dentist would recommend, this is to assure you are cleaning each area of the tooth and not missing places,’ she reported.

‘If you always brush your teeth in the identical pattern each individual day, for instance commencing in the upper remaining and ending at the decrease correct then there is certainly a superior possibility your missing spots just about every day.

‘To reduce this you ought to adjust up the pattern in which you brush your tooth.

‘You may perhaps have to start off focusing on your brushing, but this will make certain that the teeth are getting cleaned appropriately and no parts are missing out.’