July 25, 2024

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Solve your parenting doubts from pregnancy onwards

Solve your parenting doubts from pregnancy onwards

Finding out that a baby is on the way can be a pleasant surprise for some couples. The problem is when the man has doubts about his paternity. The good news is that thanks to professional laboratories like dnacentre, you no longer have to wait until the baby is born to get rid of your doubts. If the pregnancy has already reached its 7th week, go to the website of the professional laboratory of your choice and look for the paternity test section. You will come across the version where you need saliva as a sample and there is the non invasive prenatal testing, which requires a blood sample from the mother. After purchasing the kit, the lab will send you everything you need to take the blood sample from the mother and the saliva sample from the possible father.

Being mature enough helps you save money

Laboratories have created this type of test so that couples can resolve their conflicts in the comfort of their own home. When a couple is mature enough to deal with their problems, it does not require the intervention of a judge. It should be noted that this type of test has no legal validity, i.e., its results cannot be used in a court of law. Although non-invasive prenatal testing can be performed and the results can be used in court, this process is much more costly and cumbersome. If the couple can resolve their differences without the intervention of a third party, they will save a lot of time, money, and unpleasant moments. For example, if the paternity test is positive, the man can recognise the baby as his child in the eyes of the law along with the mother. It is a test that offers privacy to the couple.

What to do after getting the results?

Following the same idea as above, it is important for the couple to understand that their decisions should always be focused on the well-being of the upcoming baby. Even if you can no longer be together, you should agree on some kind of amicable arrangement for two reasons. First, the baby’s development during pregnancy depends on the mother’s emotional stability. If the mother is constantly in stressful situations, the baby may develop some kind of problem. Second, the idea of opting for non-invasive prenatal testing is to be able to determine whether the man in question is the father or not. If he is the father, the next step is to be prepared for the baby’s arrival.