September 26, 2023

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Enitan Ekwotafia Offers Five Tips For Anyone Looking to Get in Shape

Trying to shed pounds? Check out these tips from fitness expert Enitan Ekwotafia.

Want to lose some pounds but struggle to tip the scales? Fitness buff Enitan Ekwotafia has gotten not just herself in shape but has also helped friends and clients both lose weight and keep it off. So if you’re looking to sculpt your body, check out the tips below.

“Is losing weight easier said than done? Of course,” Enitan Ekwotafia notes, “but with effort, you can succeed. It’s important to bolster motivation, so envision your slim and sexy future self. See her in the mirror in your mind’s eye, and remind yourself that you’re worth the effort.”

Many people start diets with good intentions but their efforts are quickly derailed. Some experts estimate that as much as 95 percent of diets don’t work out. Losing weight requires commitment, so it’s vital to remember the benefits of your diet.

Of course, the benefits don’t stop at slimming your body. If you lose weight, you’ll likely be able to lead a more active lifestyle. Want to play with your kids or grandkids? Enjoy a long walk in nature reserves? It’s hard to accomplish the above if you’re overweight. And you may be at greater risk of suffering conditions like arthritis if you’re overweight.

“After you envision your sexier self, remember that the improvements don’t run skin deep,” Enitan Ekwotafia suggests. “Getting in shape now could pay off for decades to come. And if you can enjoy activities you love, say playing with your kids, the joy you get will greatly outweigh the cheap fun offered by junk food. This makes sticking to your routine easier.”

Enitan Ekwotafia Digs Into the Physical Aspects of Getting in Shape

A strong mentality and dedication will certainly play a big role in losing weight. However, thinking about getting in shape is far from enough. You’ll also have to change your diet and exercise.

“Before jumping on a strict diet routine, start slow,” Enitan Ekwotafia argues. “You can start cutting out certain things in your diet, say soda. Slowly transforming your diet often makes it easier to stick to the plan.”

Another smart trick, according to Enitan Ekwotafia, is to drink a large glass of water before your meals. Drinking water often helps you feel full more quickly. So a glass of H20 before dinner may help you control portions more easily.

“Controlling portions can be just as effective as changing what you eat,” Enitan Ekwotafia says. “Water can help you feel full and reduce how much food you crave while eating dinner or lunch.”

As for working out, skip the gym membership, at least for now. Gyms offer plenty of great ways to get in shape. However, it’s easy to burn out and to drop your routine. Instead, find something less intensive and more personally enjoyable.

“The best workout for folks just starting their journey is something relaxing and enjoyable,” Enitan Ekwotafia points out. “You could grab your phone and some headphones, load up an audiobook, and then take a long walk in your neighborhood or at the park.”